How often do you get to see most of the world’s computer geeks ranting and raving about celeb gossip? Not very often. But in the recent past geeky celeb gossip has been trending extremely high. Are we really gossiping about the naked pics of celebrities though? Not exactly. The real meat and potatoes of this current event is the supposedly unveiled threat it poses on the security of the “cloud.” However, just like clouds in the sky, compute clouds don’t all connect and aren’t all the same. The cloud that is referred to here is the consumer cloud. The other major type of cloud in existence is the enterprise cloud. Understanding the difference between these is of paramount importance in this situation as they’re two totally different animals and the security of one has very little to do with the other. iCloud is an example of a consumer cloud. It’s used by consumers for backups, additional storage, and ease of access to their data. The security methods used by a consumer cloud aren’t the same as those used by an enterprise cloud, but that by no means implies that they aren’t secure. The main difference is that the security methods they use are set up and configured by the user. In an enterprise cloud environment security aspects such as password strength, password life, etc. are controlled by system admins and managed by servers to ensure that certain security specifications are met. In a consumer cloud this is all controlled and managed by the consumer. Not every consumer is aware of the best practices for data security on the cloud. This is the “flaw” in cloud security everyone keeps talking about it. But is it really a flaw in cloud security or rather a flaw in the world of consumer education? If consumers were properly educated about cloud security, the consumer cloud would be more secure. Not that the information isn’t “out there,” it is and it’s easy to find if you care to search for it. But consumers don’t necessarily know it’s available or where to find it. Or, perhaps, they didn’t know the real risks associated with not following cloud security best practices, until now. Who, celebrity or otherwise, wants to be disrobed in front of the entire Internet? Sounds like a nightmare brought into reality for most of us. Keep your private parts private by following some simple consumer cloud security best practices from the following sites:

Apple’s iCloud security best practices.
Google Safety Center site.