Sagewood Systems started with a specialized focus in modernizing IT infrastructure solutions for a large healthcare organization.

We are fluent in assessing, designing, and deploying enterprise solutions that work in this dynamic and data driven environment.

Technology Services & IT Solutions for Healthcare Providers

From Meaningful Use and HIPAA compliance, electronic health records and project management, we are the experts at lowering costs while also delivering high quality solutions. We empower healthcare organizations to make sound IT investments, while delivering the required infrastructure and technology solutions to fulfill all aspects of healthcare IT support and security.

We have worked in both the acute care and ambulatory setting including healthcare systems with over 3000 users as well as small clinics and private practitioners.

We categorically understand the infrastructure that supports modern healthcare.

We specialize in:

  • Enterprise-level solutions for storage servers
  • Virtualization
  • Security
  • Backups
  • Archive systems

Our engineers configure solutions with precise levels of redundancy, scalability and protection.

We understand that solutions must also be affordable and provide clear ROI.

The expanded use and overall dependency on EMRs has raised the stakes dramatically in the need for uptime, reliability and optimal performance.  Clinicians cannot wait for non-responsive or poorly performing systems for critical patient care activities such as medication administration, placing orders, assessing patient’s test results, scheduling, etc.

Whatever your next steps are to increase efficiency or improve outcomes, we are ready to help you achieve them.