Not for profit healthcare provider Cottage Health System in Santa Barbara California is in the process of upgrading its aging infrastructure and will include Citrix’s XenDesktop to deliver a virtual desktop in all clinical departments supporting over 2000 employees and 700 physicians accessing clinical information on-site and remotely using any type of device.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) keeps data off endpoints and in the data center, where IT can have more control over the security of private health information (PHI). Alberto Kywi, Vice President and CIO of Cottage Health System said “Because the session is virtual, PHI never leaves the data center,” Kywi said, “It never physically resides on the device, so there is no leakage through the endpoint device, which is critical in today’s healthcare environment.”

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules don’t specify which devices or technologies can access sensitive patient data; they just require that the data itself be secured, and when shared, it must be over an encrypted link. VDI inherently meets both requirements, regardless of the device the VDI session is accessed on.

As part of the infrastructure upgrade, Sagewood Systems has been tasked to furnish medical staff at Cottage Health System with reliable access to their desktops, applications and information as they roam from room to room and floor to floor to care for patients. Using Citrix XenDesktop and AppSense, clinicians can go to a thin client, login, and access patient information and then walk down the hall to another thin client, and their patient information would be right where they left it. This “Follow Me” desktop combined with mobile access has been very well received by the clinical staff.

“Sagewood Systems has been Cottage Health System’s Application Delivery and Citrix Solution partner for over 14 years. They have been instrumental in delivering our clinical and business desktops throughout our hospital network utilizing Citrix’s Virtual Application and Desktop solutions. Under the direction of Sagewood Systems we are about to deploy our “Follow Me” initiative. This will give our clinical staff the tools they need to provide the best care possible, while keeping all private health information secure in our datacenter.”

Alberto Kywi, CIO

Cottage Health Systems

Family Service Agency, formed in 1899 is one of the oldest nonprofits in Santa Barbara and home to the Big Brother and Sister program in Santa Barbara County. Family Service Agency also provides senior services and family support services. FSA’s Youth and Family Counseling offers accessible, effective child and family counseling, intensive in-home therapy services, and youth probation counseling. Additionally, through their partnership with school districts, provide both counseling and social work services for children and their families at K-12 school campuses.

To help provide the level of service required for their 85 person staff, located at three offices and several school campuses, FSA worked with Sagewood Systems to take the entire IT infrastructure, from servers to the individual user desktops, to the cloud. We deliver a full service Windows desktop, including email to each employee accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection and web browser. This has allowed FSA to completely outsource the IT department and not worry about issues such as security and business continuity. This allows the FSA staff to focus on their job while we do ours, without getting in the way.

“We as an organization decided to completely outsource our IT department and Sagewood Systems is our partner of choice. During the selection process it became clear that Sagewood understood the value of FSA and very much wanted to support our mission. It was very important to us that we chose a company that truly would become a partner going forward and Sagewood Systems is the perfect fit. What’s most exciting is that we have moved all services, including user desktops to the “cloud”.  Over the past almost two years, we have become very reliant on the services Sagewood Systems provides from the consistent service uptime to the great 24×7 helpdesk support.“

Denise Cicourel

Director of Administration