Why are so many people in the technology industry so fearful of innovation? We are in the midst of one of the greatest revolutions in history, the digital revolution. A revolution is defined as a dramatic and wide-reaching change. Yes, change! Change is truly the only thing guaranteed to be constant in life, we can count on it. Yet every time something changes in the world of technology we get all up in arms and prepare our defenses to fight the inevitable. Why don’t we just relax and wave the white flag of surrender, letting the change run its course and do what it always does: make our lives easier and more productive?

One of the newest innovations in information technology, especially in the virtual and cloud realm, is the idea of converged infrastructure. Steering this innovative vessel is Nutanix. Converged infrastructure is the combining of the compute tier and the storage tier into one single appliance. Each Nutanix box, which is about the same size as a traditional physical server, includes both storage and compute resources. And the compute resources are further condensed because each box can contain up to 4 server nodes, essentially combining 4 physical servers into 1 box. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means a lot of change for the traditional datacenter, good change that is, with a heck of a lot of benefits for both users and IT pros alike. Some of the highlights are outlined below:

  • Space Savings – Combining 4 physical servers plus storage into one relatively small appliance means obvious space savings in your datacenter. Over 75% to be exact. Why is this beneficial? Space equals money. The more space you save, the more money you save, and the more room you have for growth and scalability.
  • Power Savings – Believe it or not, but these Nutanix appliances don’t actually need as much power as you would think. In fact, even though multiple power-consuming resources have been merged, the power consumption is cut approximately in half (compared to a traditional datacenter infrastructure). This directly translates to more money in your pocket.
  • Vertical Scalability – Scale up not out with Nutanix. Not only can you combine up to 4 physical servers into each appliance, but you can also run up to 115 virtual machines on each node. That’s up to 460 virtual machines per box. This high density of VMs opens up the door to a vertically growing datacenter and, most significantly, a private or hybrid cloud environment.
  • Software Defined – Policy control is no longer tightly coupled with hardware. This results in improved agility and flexibility as well as more centralized management. Essentially, it creates more growth possibility and makes IT professionals’ lives much easier.
  • Highly Available – The Nutanix system is built to be extremely fault tolerant. It provides data path redundancy and tunable redundancy so as to ensure that your data is always safe and always accessible. Nothing is shared and everything is distributed. Add to that the high availability features of whatever hypervisor you choose to run (Nutanix is mostly hypervisor agnostic), and you really can achieve five nines uptime.

Okay, so Nutanix brings all of these fantastic benefits and more, yet we’re shaking in our boots (or oxfords) at the mere thought of it? What are we so afraid of? Innovation? What if Edison had feared innovation? We’d still be living in darkness. Turn on the lights! We have to face our fears, and we have to face the facts; the innovation we fear so much is only here to improve both our lives and the lives of our users. It’s just a new and better solution, so we had better get used to it! What we really should fear is a world without Nutanix, a world lacking innovation, a world where we accept the status quo and never strive for improvement.


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