Sagewood Systems offers the most sophisticated and modern solutions for managing and securing your critical data.

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Our expert engineers create state of the art systems guaranteed to give you the best results.

Today’s companies are fast-paced, dynamic and mobile environments. Staff and stakeholders need to easily access information from anywhere and in any format. Whether it’s desktop, mobile or tablet we support everything in a secure environment with all applications and software readily available.

We offer consultation and analysis to define state of the art systems that meet your organizational needs. Everything from Network infrastructure, to high-performance computing, Desk Top and application delivery systems and mobility management so your team can be as versatile and agile as needed. We have in-depth knowledge about computer hardware and software with industry-specific experience.

We empower organizations to make sound IT investments, we consult and design cost effective high performance clusters and storage solutions that fit your business needs whether it is Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud storage solutions.

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Consulting Services

Sagewood Systems is a Citrix and VMware, IT Consulting & Managed Service Provider established to assist organizations with designing, deploying, and supporting virtualization solutions.

Desktop Delivery

Instead of maintaining individual desktops—operating system and core applications—on several hundred PC’s, your IT department can manage just a few desktop images in the data center. The end user can share access to those master images over networks using a virtual display protocol.

Healthcare IT

From Meaningful Use and HIPAA compliance, electronic health records and project management, we are the experts at lowering costs while also delivering high quality solutions. We empower healthcare organizations to make sound IT investments, while delivering the required infrastructure and technology solutions to fulfill all aspects of healthcare IT support and security.

Cyber Security

Every company has different security requirements. We can provide you with either a complete security solution, or only the specific capabilities you can’t cover in-house.

Healthcare IT consulting Santa Barbara

Sagewood Systems revolutionizes the way organizations conduct business with the help of the best allies in the industry: Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Nutanix, WatchGuard and AppSense.