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Never Fear Nutanix

Why are so many people in the technology industry so fearful of innovation? We are in the midst of one of the greatest revolutions in history, the digital revolution. A revolution is defined as a dramatic and wide-reaching change. Yes, change! Change is truly the only thing guaranteed to be constant in life, we can count on it. Yet every time something changes in the world of technology we get all up in arms and prepare our defenses to fight the inevitable. Why don’t we just relax and wave the white flag of surrender, letting the change run its course and do what it always does: make our lives easier and more productive? Read More

Cloud Security

How often do you get to see most of the world’s computer geeks ranting and raving about celeb gossip? Not very often. But in the recent past geeky celeb gossip has been trending extremely high. Are we really gossiping about the naked pics of celebrities though? Not exactly. The real meat and potatoes of this current event is the supposedly unveiled threat it poses on the security of the “cloud.” However, just like clouds in the sky, compute clouds don’t all connect and aren’t all the same. The cloud that is referred to here is the consumer cloud. The other major type of cloud in existence is the enterprise cloud. Understanding the difference between these is of paramount importance in this situation as they’re two totally different animals and the security of one has very little to do with the other. iCloud is an example of a consumer cloud. It’s used by consumers for backups, additional storage, and ease of access to their data. Read More

Converged Infrastructure Solutions with Nutanix

Converged Infrastructure Solutions with Nutanix

With many IT shops still performing their own integration work, virtualizion implementations take far too long to complete the infrastructure deployments (e.g., backup, compute, disaster recovery, high availability, networking, recovery, storage and more.) In many cases, deployments can take weeks or even months before they are fully complete. Enter converged infrastructure solutions.

Converged infrastructure solutions do more than simply deliver all of the hardware and software components necessary to host and run virtualization. They also dramatically reduce the time it takes for organizations to get their virtualized applications up and running. This combination of speed and ease in which these converged infrastructure solutions are deployed foretells how data centers both large and small will eventually expect their virtualization deployments to take place. Read More